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  The ECHO Board of Directors has approved the player tuition for the 2020-2021 season. The tuition reflects the increase that was passed by the Board of Directors. Tournament fees will be collected during the season when needed.
  2020-21 Total Annual Tuition     Remaining Balance     Payments
  Tuition 2020-21     Credits Applied Remaining     Sept to Feb
  Schedule Fee     Commit Tryout Balance     6 Payments
  Skater $1,825     ($500) ($30) $1,295     $215.83
  Skater $2,721     ($500) ($50) $2,171     $361.83
  Goalie/Skater $1,823     ($500) ($50) $1,273     $212.18
  Skater $2,850     ($500) ($50) $2,300     $383.33
  Goalie/Skater $1,910     ($500) ($50) $1,360     $226.58
  Goalie $713     ($500) ($50) $163     $27.08
  Skater $3,000     ($500) ($50) $2,450     $408.33
  Goalie $750     ($500) ($50) $200     $33.33
  Important Notes:
  1. The "balance due" portions of the tuition illustrated in these tables are based on certain                           assumptions including that a player made a $500 commitment deposit and paid the Spring tryout         fee. Actual "balance due" may vary from those shown here based on payments made, discounts and credits applied to-date.
  2. The full-time Goalie discount is 75% of the skater tuition (when they use their own equipment).         
  3. The Goalie/Skater discount is 33% of the skater tuition and applies where a child plays both goalie        and skater. The player must be a goalie for a minimum of 15% of his/her team's schedule and uses their own goalie equipment.
  4. Family Discounts: 2nd skater 10%; 3rd skater 25%; 4th skater 35%. Discounts will be applied to the skater with the lowest base skater tuition.
  5. Invoices will be provided by the 5th of every month. Payments will be due by the 15th of every              month for September through January. The payment for February will be due by the 10th (before state tournaments).
  6. Tournament costs will be collected later based on the actual tournament fees and the number of         players on each team that participate.
  7. Contact the Treasurers at any time to verify your personal Balance Due: Kimberly Cooke and Aline    Bjorkman at
  8. Timely payment of tuition are required in order for ECHO to pay its expenses. Late payments will       result in a player being kept off the ice until all amounts due are paid in full.
  Three 8 week sessions              
  Learn to Play $200              
  Mite Limited Travel $400              
  House $400