Scheduling Information

Regions Map, 2023-2024

Scheduling Information

Adopted from the CHC Rules and Regulations*


Scheduling Games 

8U (Mite), 10U (Squirt), 12U (Pee Wee), 14U (Bantam)

  1.  There is no limit to how many times CHC teams can play each other, but the first four games vs. the same CHC League team must be categorized as ‘CHC League Game’, (Not ‘Game’)
  • Fulfillment of the CHC League 20 game minimum requirement
  • The first two CHC League games count towards rankings
  • Any additional games vs. the same CHC team must be categorized as ‘Game’

2. Games scheduled vs. undeclared teams* must be categorized as ‘Game’

     Games vs. *Undeclared teams

  •   Do not count towards rankings.
  •  Will count towards the minimum 20 game and regional requirements.

8U (Mites)

1. All CHC 8U Mite teams are categorized as Cross-Ice**

  1. USA Hockey has eliminated all full-ice practices & games. Therefore, no CHC    team is permitted to participate in full-ice practices, or games
  2. **Cross-Ice is defined as an ice surface no longer than 100 feet. This is the longest playing dimension allowed. There are no exceptions

10U (Squirt), 12U (Pee Wee), 14U (Bantam)

  1. Teams can schedule games with any team, (‘A’ through ‘C’ or color designation) of their choosing

2. Knowing that many programs have multiple teams at a given level, team schedulers need to pay close attention and work with their coaches when formulating their schedules.

Game Requirements 10U (Squirt), 12U (Pee Wee), 14U (Bantam)

** Fulfillment of CHC League game requirements is the top priority.

** Any team that does not make the necessary schedule accommodations to  play all required games will have failed to meet the requirements to be eligible for State Tournament play and will be excluded from the State Tournament. There will be no exceptions.

1. A minimum of 20 games vs. CHC League teams are required.

2. There is no limit to how many times CHC teams can play each other, but  the following regulations are in effect:

a. The first four CHC League Games count towards the minimum 20 game requirement.

b. The first two CHC League Games will count towards rankings.

c. Tournament games do not count towards the minimum 20 game requirement or rankings.

3. Each program is required to play a minimum of one team at each age level in each of the 10 regions. 

         If a program has multiple teams at a specific age classification, those remaining

         teams are not required (but strongly encouraged) to play in those regions.

4. Teams that schedule with outlying teams, (Kent, Pawling, Putnam, Salisbury, Griffin, Southeast, Enfield) are required to schedule home & away games, unless both teams agree in writing.

5. Teams will be allowed two game cancellations during the season; however, no cancellations are allowed during the last three weeks of the season. 

6. All cancellations must be agreed upon by both teams.

7. If a team cancels more than two games – The team will be disqualified from all state tournament play. (Games in which both teams mutually agree to cancel do not count against their two-game limit).

8. The CHC strongly encourages teams to utilize all available means to re-schedule games in lieu of cancelling.


1. Game sheets are to be submitted by the winning team (or the home team if there is a tie) by Tuesday at midnight after the game has been completed, via email to the respective CHC Division Director. 

  • Game sheets should be submitted as either a PDF or JPEG and must be clear and legible.

2. Scores are to be entered by either team by Tuesday at midnight after the game has been completed

3. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WARNING: scores not entered, or game sheets not submitted by Tuesday at midnight will not count toward rankings, or the CHC minimum 20 game requirement.


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